Papers is a playful and surreal experience about a company visited by management consultants. The larp caricatures corporate culture in a fast-paced way, using music and rituals in a cartoonish manner to energize the participants. Are you ready to go from good to great?

“This is totally normal. It’s just something you do at the office.”

Designed by Petter Karlsson and Martin Rother-Schirren


2014-09-30 – Papers is published and available for download on this page.
2015-10-01 – DE BIEN À GÉNIAL!
Papers is now available in French thanks to the amazing Stephane Rigoni. Download Papers in French here.
2016-07-11 – If interested you can read the story about how and why Papers came to be created.

Papers - From Good to Great

Download the larp as PDF

Papers – A surreal office larp 140930.pdf (555kb)


This larp is licensed as CC-BY-NC 4.0
Version 1.0 – 2014-09-30

Additional downloads

Papers – Appendix 1 – Cheat sheet.pdf
Papers – Appendix 2 – Items for Drawing.pdf
Papers – Walkthrough script.pdf
Papers – Poster set.pdf
Papers – Water coolers.pdf
Papers – Wrinkling 1.pdf (18 pages)
Papers – Wrinkling 2.pdf (12 pages)

The music

Three Little Pierrots
Hippopotamus On The Road
Une Minute Part III
Xylophon Galopp

All four songs are made by Georg Pommer and can be found on the album:
Edition Roncalli – Circusmusik 2
Spotify | ITunes | Amazon

Thoughts about Papers

“Amazingly silly and funny and at the same time bloody fucking serious.”

“Papers is a total charmer. It’s an experiential masterpiece that grabs the player, spins him around madly and finally leaves him baffled: what just happened? My highest recommendations.”

“I think this was one of the most bizarre larps I’ve attend. Yet it, it mostly was so darn recognisable. The layers where shifting between confusion and clarity. After a while I experienced a revelation that gave some sort of meaningfulness to the meaninglessness.”

“I loved it. This game is for everyone who has ever been exposed to a decision at work that you thought was perplexing, Kafkaesque or just plain stupid. To me “Papers” refined corporate madness into “normality” and allowed me to laugh where I usually would clench my fists in anger. Having experienced a decade in the corporate jungle this game had a profoundly cathartic effect on me.”

“Just attended a larp about an office. I experienced confusion and meaninglessness. A constant result-focused process where buzzwords are used to motivate. Where it never is time for conversation about how and why. Where the breaks are filled with chit-chat about lowest neutral common denominator. It felt really good to have played this!”

“Fantastic music! Fantastic game!”